James Shirley shreds his RADON SWOOP 170 on home turf

The Swoop170 is Radon’s latest offering to suit the need of aggressive trial riders on demanding terrain.
Its creation was inspired by feedback from Radon Magura Factory racer James Shirley, who outlined the importance of confidence inspiring geometry for high speed performance.

James grew up in the Highlands of Scotland and he is used to challenging conditions.
The local trials of Fort William are steep and technical so they make for an ideal testing ground of the new Swoop170.

James chooses this bike for the majority of the 2016 season, and he piloted it to first place at the 6-day Trans Rezia adventure race - a true test of endurance, reliability and technical ability.

The Swoop 170 proves with sensible design and high quality finishing that fast bikes don’t have to be exotic or expensive.
Customisable geometry with 3 position flip chip technology allows adjustments to be made for optimum set-up depending on personal preference and style of trial.

Owning this bike doesn’t guarantee ability to shred like James, but it certainly opens up the possibilities...